What We Offer?

Kovereez waterproof protective covers for indoor and outdoor use. The durable cord makes it perfect for covering riding mowers and motorcycles too, preventing it from blowing away in the wind! Whatever the situation, Kovereez has you covered!


Built of durable polyethylene and with a robust, sewn-in shock cord for a secure, snug fit around any object and long-lasting.


Perfect for home remodeling projects, protecting outdoor equipment, short and long-term storage, moving and many more!

Easy Installation

Easy, one-person installation with a snug fit for each cover allows for an install and forget it experience.

Thousands of Uses!

Kovereez waterproof protective covers are available in 4 sizes to fit most any object. Remodeling project? Use Kovereez to protect your furniture from dust and paint! Outdoors? Kovereez is waterproof, keeping your patio furniture dry and eliminating fading.

Latest News

For the latest on Kovereez and the many uses it has, check out our blog posts below.

Home Camping

The last time you went camping did you forget to cover something that maybe got wet or dirty overnight or from a pop up thunderstorm?
Well Kovereez has you covered the next time you go camping below are 5 things we recommend covering:

1. ATV- you can use one of our Giant Kovereez to cover your ATV
2. Dirt Bike- you can use one of our Small Oval Kovereez to cover your dirt bike
3. Grill- you can use one of our X-Large Kovereez to cover your grill
4. Trash Can- you can use one of our Large Kovereez to cover your trash can
5. Outdoor Couch- you can use one of our Small Oval Kovereez to cover your outdoor couch

The reason Kovereez is so great is because it has a high quality bungee cord sewn into the bottom of it which allows you to just snap the cover over top of any item you may be covering and your done!
No need for extra bungee cords, tie downs, rope, tape, etc. you literally just snap it over top and your done, think of a shower cap!

We’ve Got You Kovered

Ever use a shower cap before? Well here at Kovereez we have invented the shower cap you don’t have to use in the shower! We currently have 4 different sizes of Kovereez to offer that allow you to cover your shop tools and keep them clean! So for instance in our featured photo you will see a Drill Press that is covered in a shop with one of our Giant Kovereez products. I mentioned a shower cap above, and the reason a giant Kovereez is so great is because there is a sturdy bungee cord sewn in the bottom of it which allows the Kovereez to grip the drill press at the bottom. What does that mean? – well it means you do not need any external bungee cords, tape, strip, twine, rope, or cable to secure the cover to the drill press. You just snap the Giant Kovereez over the top of your given tool and your done, it is secure and your tool is protected from dust, dirt, water, etc. So the next time your thinking about covering something think Kovereez because we got your Kovered!